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Great Changes Have Taken Place!

The BBF is on roll (and we're just getting started)! On Friday, June 26, the BBF in collaboration with Park and Museum staff, successfully in stalled a sign announcing the location of the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum. Prominently displayed on the corner of Old Frederick Road and Oella Avenue, the sign invites community members and inquiring visitors to explore Oella's most fascinating landmark.


The BBF has also completed the first phase of the natural play space. Equipped with colorful children's benches and space to run, jump, and play, this area provides an opportunity for kids to explore the wonders of the natural world. The first installment also includes a boat, signifying Banneker's grandmother, Molly Welsh, journey to the colonies as an indentured servant. In the future, additional elements that represent the Banneker legacy will be added. Do not forget, donations are still being accepted. Click on the donations tab or visit to continue to support the BBF.


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